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Prevention is the key for keeping your school Covid Free

Effective Prevention Starts with Effective screening.


Ultra Fast RT-PCR Results.

  • Kids or parents tested before 4 PM, will receive the Results the same day. 


Simple  Process

  • Concierge service, test can be preform in your school by our staff,  for a group of parents or kids.

  • For individual tests, we are conveniently  located on I-95 and Ives Dairy Rd

99% Accuracy.

  • We detect the latest Covid-19 Variant, Including the latest Variant,  OmiCron

Minority Owned Small Business (Medical Laboratory) 

  • We understand the hurdle Covid-19 impose on school, parents and kids (yes, we have children too) and we will go the extra mile to help preventing the spread of Covid in your school.

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